Pan Y Salsa Criolla – 4
Salsa criolla and bread

Picada – 13
Mixed platter of cuts, cheese & olives

Street Food Platter – 20,50
Mix of our delicious street food dishes



Sea bass, leche de tigre, sweet potato puree, red onion, cancha

4 Finger Quesadillas – 8
Delicious cheese quesadillas, guacamole, chorizo, frijoles and sour cream

Sea bass, Peruvian aji amarillo, cancha. The Peruvian take on sashimi!

Tacos de Santo– 8
Mexican tortillas with roasted pork, pineapple, cilantro, and green tomatillos

Sea bass, spicy aji rocoto, fried quinoa, sweet potato puree

Prawns, leche de tigre with cilantro and jalapeño

Mixed classic ceviche with sea bass, calamares, prawns, leche de tigre, sweet potato puree

Ceviches – 13

La Gallina Gloria – 8,50
Sweet, spicy glazed chicken with mango and Madame Jeanette

Elote – 8,50
Grilled corn on the cob, cheese, salt, chili

Tequenos – 6,50
Deep-fried cheese fingers with guacamole

Patacones – 7
Fluffy deep-fried plantain chips with red onion and guacamole

Yuca Frita – 7

Cassava fries with creamy Huacatay salsa



Our most popular empanada, from Mendoza, Argentina. Filled with minced beef, egg, olives, and spices.


Argentinian pastry filled with cheese and sweet corn


Crunchy empanada filled with Peruvian aji amarillo cream and braised chicken


Buenos Aires-style empanada stuffed with pork sausage marinated in chimichurri


Lightly spicy tuna empanada, served with pickled jalapeños, onion, and black pepper salsa

Empanadas 8 / 2 pc


300 g – 26,50
400 g – 34,35

Plato Principal

Bife Ancho – Ribeye

Tender and juicy steak with marbled fat. The pride of Argentina.

Bife Chorizo – Entrecote

A little less tender but full of flavour, due to the characteristic rim of fat

200 g – 16,75
300 g – 24,75
400 g – 33,00

Bife Lomo – Tenderloin

Amazing, soft, and tender steak with almost no fat at all

200 g – 23,25
300 g – 35,00
400 g – 46,50


Kraken – 27,50

Octopus from the grill with saffronon alioli

El Pollito – 17,50

Crispy confit chicken legs, orange-chipotle glaze and spiced kumquat jam

Vacio – Bavette

Flavorful flank steak. Tender meat with an amazing, layered texture.

400 g – 43,00
600 g – 55,00

Chuleton – Côte de bœuf

Ribeye on the bone. Tasty, juicy, and fatty. Ask the waiter for availability and weight!

per 100 g – 9,50
minimum 500 g


8 hours roasted suckling pig soaked in Salmuera water. Our grandfather’s specialty and an authentic Argentinian delicacy.

 200 g – 15,50
300 g – 23,25
400 g – 31,00

El Dorado – 24,75

Whole sea bream grilled in a banana leaf with South American herbs and fresh sour salsa

Vegetarian Locro – 17

Hearty classic Argentinian stew with beans, corn, pumpkin and sweet potato


Chimichurri – 1,75

Traditional herb salsa from Argentina

Chipotle Beso – 1,75

Sweet and spicy chipotle salsa

Salmuera Fuego – 1,75

Spicy onion and tropical pepper salsa

Salmuera Infierno – 1,75

Hot salsa with various South American peppers

Huacatay – 1,75

Creamy Peruvian herb salsa

Guacamole – 2,25

Fresh and creamy avocado salsa


Patatas – 5,25

Sweet potato fries with chipotle mayo

Arroz de Campo – 6,25

Stir-fried rice with chorizo sausage, raisins, and beans

Mexican Slaw – 4,25

Sweet and savoury coleslaw salad

Ensalada Verde – 4,25

Fresh green salad

Verduras Mezcladas – 5
Mixed roasted vegetables

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